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This is ATG

ATG®, AB Trav och Galopp, or the Swedish Horse Racing Totalisator Board, was founded in 1974. The company was founded by the Swedish state with the aim of ensuring the long-term financial stability of trotting and thoroughbred racing.

Since then, ATG has been providing its customers in Sweden with quality, excitement and entertainment. And we plan to keep doing so.

ATG should lead the way in the gambling industry. This means striving for a gambling industry that is healthier tomorrow than it is today. We also want to show the gambling industry the way forward within sustainability issues. With us, your gambling experience should be safe, fair and exciting. We want our customers to enjoy their betting and to gamble for fun. Since 1 January 2019, ATG has offered betting on horses and sports alongside casino games.

We power Sweden’s horse industry, which is our higher purpose. We strive to be a pioneer and a role model as well as to contribute to a gambling market that is healthier tomorrow than it is today.

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  • All our employees, agents and preferred partners receive training in responsible gambling and anti-money laundering.
  • We work preventively with identifying potential problem gamblers. Customers who exhibit signs of unsound gambling are contacted by our specially trained staff and encouraged to take a self-test, to set limits on their gambling or to stop gambling completely.
  • has a self-test that customers are encouraged to take for increased awareness of their gambling habits.
  • All casino customers must set a mandatory loss limit.
  • In addition to complying with the applicable legislation, we also follow Sper’s marketing guidelines.


  • Combatting match fixing and doping in both human and horse sports is of the utmost importance to ATG. We’ve chosen not to offer betting on sports with a particularly high risk of match fixing
  • Work to ensure horse welfare is monitored in a number of ways. Sweden’s regulatory framework for animal husbandry is comprehensive and provides extensive protection for animals
  • All competitions are attended by at least one veterinarian appointed by the Swedish Board of Agriculture. Checks are also made on licensed trotting and thoroughbred racing trainers to ensure decent animal welfare off the track as well
  • We work together with owners to ensure good horse welfare, both in Sweden and abroad.

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We strive for a gambling industry that is healthier tomorrow than it is today.