Engine in the Swedish horse industry since 1974

This is ATG

ATG is the betting company that knows horse racing. The company was founded in 1974 with the mission to safeguard the long-term development of trotting and thoroughbred racing by offering responsible betting.

ATG has provided quality excitement and entertainment to the Swedish people since 1974. The company intends to continue doing so. Our vision is to deliver the world’s best betting experience. Our offering is: exciting betting experiences in a fair and convenient manner. Fair means that the company cares and accepts responsibility; it means offering a fair betting experience in a reliable environment. The surplus from our operations is returned to horse racing, which enables more horses, more horse racing and more betting experiences. Since 1 January 2019, ATG has offered horse betting, sports betting and casino games.

We are the engine in the swedish horse industry. That is our higher purpose. We aim to be a pioneer and a role model, and to contribute to a betting market that is healthier tomorrow than today. We want to be the betting industry’s compass.

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Betting on equal terms

ATG’s international business has been regulated over the years through its concession. ATG has not been able to establish its own operations beyond Sweden’s borders, but only through collaboration with horse betting operators and organizations that have supported the local horse racing. With the new Gambling Act, ATG can now enter the international market. ATG’s business model for international collaborations is to share the net income from gambling by partners’ customers in Swedish betting pools. The standard model in the horse betting world is otherwise that the partner pays a provision to ATG on the gross turnover.

“The new gambling legislation gives us unprecedented potential. We will be active in several new foreign markets in the future. Our new strategy has two main tracks – to continue collaborating with our existing partners, and to establish ATG in new markets through either acquisitions or license applications”
Lars Nemeth, Head of International Sales at ATG.

Lars Nemeth, Head of International Sales

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